We are beuys bois — a Queer, international art collective that cares about community building and documenting the cultural contributions of queer beings, both locally and across borders. Our programme involves community-driven events, performances, exhibitions and many more; we’re continuously investigating ways of bringing people together.

The aim is not to replicate social work programmes. Our initiative wants to explore the boundaries of Queer theory, with the focus on its practical applications . To us it is apparent that Queer theory and queerness is part of the zeitgeist but often expressed in visual symbols that don’t ask or answer questions. One-time events in big museums may give the impression that there is progress made in the development of queer theory but the opposite is often true. Our drive is research with the singular question; CAN THIS BE QUEERED?

In the long term, we aim to facilitate lasting connections between the art world and the LGBTQI+-community, expand the existing network of queer creatives and implement more programs such as commissions and exchanges.

beuys bois is Narges, Kexin, Naomi, Natalia, Ayla, Zeynep